For Employers

You may have been to international recruitment agencies in the past, but we work in a completely different way. By getting to know our clients properly, we won’t waste your time with candidates who aren’t right for the role.

The personal touch from Cederia is our secret weapon: it means we’re able to get to know all of our employer clients and our jobseeker candidates intimately. This allows us to find the natural matches that we know will work.

Our job is to find candidates that fit with your organisational needs. We understand the cost of a high churn rate for employees. We won’t just find you leading candidates to join your company; we’ll find you leading candidates that want to stay.

Our extensive network of IT professionals means we have access to a unique pool of talent. No-one understands how the market moves better than Cederia and we will find you exceptional candidates – fast.

Being agile allows us to flex to your specific needs, using our expert analytical skills to enhance your search for candidates. When we handle your recruitment, you’ll find you’re working with a recruitment agency that works to tight deadlines, offers flexible payments and delivers speedy solutions.

To find out more about how we could help, get in touch with us here today.