Reasons to explan fast business

We have many technical and analytical tools at our disposal, just like a number of other top recruitment agencies.
Cederia Recruitment


We have strong contacts across the industry; there are a few other recruitment agencies who may have this too.
Cederia Recruitment

What we are capable to usually

But what we have that sets us apart is the ability to make things personal. Because for us it is.

Cederia Recruitment B.V.

Here at Cederia we love what we do. We think everyone deserves to feel the same way about their job too.

We’re a perfectly placed agency with many years in the recruitment industry – we see you. Whether you’re a company looking for new staff, or a jobseeker who wants to explore better opportunities – we see what you need.

At Cederia, each jobseeker and each business is personal to us. The discussions we have with you give us an intimate understanding of what you’re looking for.

Sure, we could show you a number of jobs which give you a substantial pay rise. For companies, we could show you a bevy of candidates who meet your basic requirements.

But is this really enough? We don’t think so.

That’s why Cederia always goes further than you expect. Whether you’re a recruiting company or a jobseeker, we ensure that you never have to settle for second best.

Cederia Recruitment

Read what our clients have to say about Cederia:

Cederia has a successful history with our clients and job seekers, ask anyone in our network and you’ll find we’re everything we claim to be. We don’t need to embellish anything because we’re already the best in our field. We stand out for our meticulous attention to detail, and the fact that we really care about finding the right solution.

Meet Joseph

Hi – my name is Joseph and I’m the founder of Cederia. We aren’t just another impersonal, faceless organisation and we don’t aspire to be. We like you to know who we are because that’s how we work.

I feel really lucky to be in a field that I’m passionate about. There’s no greater professional satisfaction than knowing I’ve found someone a job that’s going to make them really happy.

At college I studied social law. I thrived on the personal interaction and discovered that I had a real knack for relating to people. Twelve years later, as a multi-lingualist, I love nothing more than talking to people all over the world. Communication is such a vital part of what we do, and it’s the reason we’ve enjoyed so much success.

I was drawn to recruitment because it gives me the chance to work closely with people, helping them on a very real level. With my network of global contacts, I enjoy working with international clients and overcoming any hurdles to bring about radical and positive change.

When you work with me, I guarantee you efficiency, honesty and transparency at every step of the way. I feel a responsibility for delivering effective results and I’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the difference I can make.

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Whatever stage of the recruitment process you’re at, we’d love to hear from you. It’s never too soon to get in touch with Cederia for a chat about your options. You can reach us by completing our contact form below:


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